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Zenith Brain Booster Review: Does it really enhance focus?

Brain health is often overlooked until it is too late. We spend a lot of effort and money on maintaining ideal weight and eating healthy. Yet we do little to no effort in keeping our brain healthy. That is why as we age our brain power starts to decrease and we can’t perform mental tasks properly.

While our brain health is not affected significantly when we are younger after the age of 40 symptoms of poor brain performance start to appear. People start to experience issues memorizing everyday things. The ability of the brain to focus and calculate is also reduced due to aging.

What is Zenith Labs Brain Boost?

When there is a problem there is also a solution that’s what we believe. And one solution to reverse the effects of aging on the brain is a product called Zenith Brain Boost produced by Zenith Labs. Zenith labs is a company that specializes in herbal solutions to common health issues. And this product is no exception because it is also made using natural ingredients.

It is designed to overcome and even reverse the damage aging causes to the brain. It provides the necessary nutrition needed for brain to repair itself and work in peak condition. And in this article, we will try to review this product in detail so you can know it better.

How does this product work?

Product relies on the capabilities of different herbs to overcome causes of age-related cognitive issues. Some major and extremely common causes poor brain functions related to aging are:

  1. Brain mass reduces as we age which makes it difficult to memorize and process information.
  2. Connections in the brain and the nerves that are responsible for communication are reduced.
  3. Our brain doesn’t produce enough neurotransmitters that control different functions of the brain and body as we age.

This brain food overcomes these problems by providing necessary nourishment to the brain. With proper nutrients, brain can repair itself and regain its mass that was lost with aging. It also gets rid of harmful oxidants to help brain function properly and it also improves production of enzymes that are essential for brain.

Ingredients of Zenith Labs Brain Boost

The main reason why people often shy away from supplements like this is due to fear of chemicals. But this one is made of purely herbal based ingredients and extracts from natural sources.

Phosphatidylserine: It enhances communication between nerves by improving glucose supply to the brain. Glucose or sugars are used by the brain as a source of energy so with more energy brain can work better. This allows the user to memorize things easily and also recall them.

DMAE: It works as an antioxidant and removes toxins from the brain that can cause stress and depression. By making the brain toxin free it helps improve mood and overall happiness level.

Rosemary: It helps build neural connections and repair the damaged ones to help you recall memories better. It also plays a huge role in reversing the nerve damage done to the brain by aging.

Centella Asiatica: This herb has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries to improve alertness and focus. It blocks the harmful enzymes that cause memory loss.

In addition to these herbs, this supplement is also rich in vitamins and minerals that are required for brain function. And the ingredients we have mentioned above are clinically proven to work for brain health. Although the exact mechanism of some of these herbs working is unknown. But research has shown that test subjects who used these ingredients showed improvement in brain power.

Who can use Brain Boost?

This product is aimed to improve the cognitive ability and problems such as memory loss. And it is designed for people who are suffering these problems due to increasing age. So to help you better understand if this is the right product for you here are some signs:

  1. You are having trouble remembering everyday things like where you left the door keys etc.
  2. Aging has caused you to go into stress and anxiety which is a common occurrence in aging individuals.
  3. You have difficulty focusing your mind on tasks and lose your concentration easily.

If you find yourself experiencing these signs then you might be able to get some help from this product.

Benefits of this supplement

The benefits of this product are not only limited to brain function but it can improve your overall well being. Some interesting benefits of this product that the company claims for it include:

  1. Made using completely natural and herbal formula that stimulates your brain and reverses effects of aging.
  2. Improves coordination between brain and body by repairing neurons damaged by age.
  3. Increases your mental ability to perform everyday tasks better.
  4. Restores your memory and allows you to recall things that are important.
  5. Gets rid of stress and anxiety which are 2 major causes of aging.
  6. Provides necessary nutrients to the brain that are needed for its proper functioning.
  7. Comes in easy to use packaging and easy to swallow pills that make it convenient to use.

Drawbacks of Brain Boost

While this product has some promising ingredients and a reputable company manufacturing it there are a few things that we will like you to know.

  1. It does not have a certification from a drug regulatory authority to prove its safety.
  2. There is no mention of any side effects on the product’s website or on the label it is sold with.
  3. It is a completely web-based supplement and you will not be able to get it from stores.

Does it really work?

Well, it is understandable to be skeptical about a product. And we understand if you are thinking twice before buying a product for yourself or for a loved one. While there a user reviews that claim this product works we need more information to be certain about its effectiveness.

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