Trialix Canada review: Read side effects, scam, benefits and price

Whether Trialix pills are legit ones or scam is one of the most sought questions by Canadian buyers. The question is due to fact that many online companies have done fraud with their consumer. But trialix tablets have no such reports, neither from consumers nor from any other trusted online community.

The active policy has free trial which is still not free as they charge their consumer shipment fee. These trials are valid for only 14 days to 18 days after that only a full package priced at CA$ 42 will be delivered. It seems that it is at least not a scam and reviews available at Amazon also tell the same.

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Men love sex there is no denying this fact. Men take pride in their sexual abilities and how well they can perform in bed. But over time due to different factors like aging, stress, unhealthy lifestyle etc can affect the sexual ability of men. Poor sexual performance not only affects the quality of sex but it can also affect the relationship. Guys who can’t perform properly during intercourse often go into a state of depression. This can have a negative impact on the confidence of men.


Sexual health issues are very common in males. According to a study, about 1 in every 3 men reported of having sexual health problems at some point in life. Considering how common these issues are we decided to review a male enhancement product called Trialix Canada Enhancement. The reason we are reviewing this product is that it claims to be the perfect solution for all the performance issues men face. So we made sure to gather all the information about this product to share with you.

There are some fake reports about these pills which include a nod from Shark tank, Dragon’s den episodes. But in reality there is no episode on it.

This article will help you understand the basic functioning of this supplement and its benefits. We will also share our findings about this product with you at the end of this review.

How does Trialix Canada Enhancement works?

The first thing that comes to mind after hearing the claims this product is making is how is all this possible? Well in order to answer this we have to know more about the causes of male performance issues.

Causes of poor sexual performance in men

If you don’t already know about what causes men to lose their sexual performance than you are not alone. There are so many factors that affect the sex drive of men that it is easy to get confused. But we will try to explain these causes in the simplest way possible for you to understand.

The main cause of poor sexual health in men is low testosterone. Testosterone is the hormone in charge of producing sex drive and causing erections in men. Moreover, this hormone also controls the muscle development in men. So to sum it all up more testosterone is equal to more manliness. But with age bodies of men slow down the testosterone-producing process. This causes men to lose their sex drive and their erections become weak.

Another cause of poor sexual health in men is poor circulation of blood in the reproductive organ. When the penis does not get enough blood flow it loses the ability to produce erections. Because the penis is a muscle it needs proper blood flow to contract and relax just like any other muscle in the body. Moreover, poor circulation of blood also causes testosterone production to stop.

Ingredients of Trialix Canada Enhancement formula and their functions

Ok now that we have a basic understanding of what causes male health problems. We can now get to the important part of how does this make enhancement product can solve these problems?

The formula of this male enhancement supplement is herbal based as claimed by the official website of the product. And its formula contains following key ingredients.

Horny Goat Weed: Now this ingredient grabbed our attention. The reason this ingredient is important is because it has been used in traditional medicine for centuries. And there have been several studies on this herb which conclude that this herb does improve sexual performance for men.

The way horny goat weed achieves this is by improving the blood flow to the penis of men. This allows more nutrients to the penis and causes better stronger erections that last longer.

Tongkat Ali: This ingredient is rare and extremely important. What is special about this is that it is extracted from the root of Tongkat plant. And studies show that it has compounds that promote testosterone production. The mechanism is still unknown but studies done by scientists show that men who used this ingredient were able to increase their testosterone levels. This ingredient also improves libido in men which in turn gives them a strong sex drive.

Both of these ingredients are 100% natural and organic or at least that is what the company says. We were unable to find out how the company extracts these ingredients. So we can’t really tell if they are natural or not.

Uses and benefits

Every manufacturer claims that their product is better than others. And this product is no exception. There is a long list of benefits on the website of this supplement. And honestly, some of them seem farfetched. So here are the supposed benefits of this product.

  1. Makes your penis bigger by increasing the penile chamber capacity.
  2. Makes men more confident and improves their overall mental health.
  3. Boosts testosterone production naturally hence making you more muscular.
  4. Helps achieve erections on command and makes sure both you and your partner are fully satisfied.
  5. Improves relationships and marriage.
  6. Allows you to last longer in bed by giving you a rush of blood in your penile area. This delays your climax and men can last 5 times longer after using this product.

Some of these claims are too good to be true because they are! Increasing penis size is not possible through increasing blood flow to it. Moreover, there are no scientific prove this claim.

That is why we are very skeptical about these claims none the less.

Should you buy Trialix Canada Enhancement?

Well, the simple answer is no! The reason for this answer is there is not a single good user review for Trialix Canada Enhancement. Not only this but on top of that this supplement is not even regulated by any official authority.

There are way too many red flags about this product that we can not recommend this product to you. The claims that the manufacturer is making might sound good but that is it. For now, these are just claims because they haven’t provided us with any lab study that can prove that this product does what they say.

So please consult your health care expert before buying this or any product online.

You guys may avail it from the store of your choice as it is available on diverse platforms like Amazon, eBay, Costco, Walgreens and their own official website. Even you get their support on phone number as you just have to dial their number 1-604-555-5555 to contact and talk to them.


It highly effective in reversing the soft erection into harder one and have seen to help in growth. As premature ejaculation is not good for one’s overall health and sexual strength to counter these symptoms many have reported that trialix could be trusted and it is also safe. As it price is affordable and pills are potent so the chances are high that it shows its results within a week. In craze to get benefits at earliest don’t get mad in overdosing and always be patient and follow instructions.

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