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Could Stim RX stimulate male enhancement and libido production?

As much as every man wants to keep having sex regardless of their age but the reality is men do lose their sex drive with time. When males are in their teens or in their twenties they have a very intense sex drive. Most of the time this potent drive only lasts until age to 30 or 40. Because sexual health problems especially erectile dysfunction is more likely to happen at this age.

What is Stim RX Formula?

We have been looking for a natural male enhancement product to do a detailed review on. But it was being delayed because we were unable to find a natural based male enhancement supplement. Finally, we came across Stim RX pills. This product has been claimed to have natural ingredients that boost your sexual health. And it is advertised to help you with erectile dysfunction, poor sexual stamina, weak erections and lack of sex drive.

But the main reason we chose to do an in-depth review for this testosterone and sex drive booster was its claim of being natural and side effect free. But we can’t just take the company’s word about this supplement that is why we are going to do a detailed analysis of this enhancement pill.

Causes of male sexual health issues

If you really want to know the solution to a problem you have to know what causes the problem in first place. So to easily understand the working of this pill here are some main causes of male sexual issues.

  1. When the blood vessels or arteries that provide blood to the penis get shrunk or blocked.
  2. Nerve damage or interference in the nerves present in the penis that control erection.
  3. Depression or anxiety can cause erectile dysfunction.
  4. Low Testosterone levels can cause poor sexual performance.

How does Stim RX work?

The official website of this supplement really emphasizes what this product is capable of. And some sources we came across also claimed that Stim RX may even be featured in shark tank soon. This really raises our expectations from this product. Although the website of this pill does provide the list of ingredients they don’t tell you how they work.

Therefore we did some research about its ingredients and here is how they work:

Horny Goat Weed: This herb has been used in traditional medicine to treat ED and other sexual issues of men. And therefore it is a key ingredient of this pill as well. This herb is known to improve blood flow in the body, especially in the penis. As we determined one of the causes of male sexual problems is poor blood flow. So by improving blood flow, this ingredient helps get stronger youthful erections.

Saw Palmetto: This ingredient improves testosterone levels in men by stopping the breakdown of free testosterone. By preventing the metabolism of testosterone into other material it helps boost sex drive and also improves sperm quality.

Ginkgo Biloba: This herb not only helps overcome depression but it can also help repair the damaged nerves. By doing this it can recover the sensation and sensitivity of the penis. Moreover, it also helps reduce stress and increases focus and clarity.

Benefits of Stim RX

Following are the benefits mentioned in the advertisement of this pill.

  1. Increases libido and helps you bring back the sex drive.
  2. Not only does it improves the quality of duration it also makes the erections last longer.
  3. By repairing blood vessels and providing additional nutrients it can improve the size of the penis.
  4. Can cure premature ejaculation by relaxing the nerves and allows you to perform for longer.

Disadvantages and side effects

Every company promotes the positive side of their product. But it is a fact that every product no matter how perfectly formulated has its problems. Here are some of our findings related to this product.

  1. The claim this product makes about increasing penis size is unrealistic. A simple google search will let you know that it is not possible to increase penis size through pills.
  2. The ingredients mentioned on the cover of this product are very few and we don’t know the complete ingredients.
  3. No side effects are mentioned on the website or label.
  4. No laboratory test report or results are provided to confirm the composition of this product.
  5. This pill is not approved by FDA because it is not a prescription drug.
  6. The company doesn’t prove customer care number on the website.
  7. No physical address or location provided for the company office.

Does Stim RX really work?

We were interested in this product because of its natural composition. But upon detailed analysis, we found out that the majority of ingredients this product claims to have are not proven to treat male sexual issues.

On top of that, there is no actual way to really confirm what is in this product. When we looked for user reviews of this pill we were able to find very little feedback. Most the feedback didn’t look credible or authentic. So on the basis of our research, we didn’t find this product satisfactory.

Where to buy?

Because it is a non-prescription product we couldn’t find any physical pharmacy or store that sells this product. The only way to buy this pill is by going to its official website and filling out a form. This product is providing some coupon codes for a discount when purchasing this product. But there is no free trial of this supplement and you have to pay in full when purchasing it.

The concept behind this product is the anonymity of the buyer. You don’t have to go to a doctor or a pharmacy and ask for this product. You just fill out a form and this product is delivered to your doorstep.

How to use?

Because stim rx is a pill you obviously have to take it by mouth. The correct dosage is provided on the label of the pill. If you are unsure if you want to buy this product then consult your doctor for better advise.

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