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Meditation in a Bottle Review: What it is and how it works?

Meditation has been associated with monks that go into a meditative state during their martial arts training. And by doing so they are able to go into a calm state of mind. Meditation’s benefits are not just limited to the mind but it has several health benefits as well.

The process of meditation is not simple and you can’t become an expert in meditation with a snap of your fingers. You have to devote time and effort to master this technique of achieving a meditative state of mind. It is also known as mindfulness in which you exist in an alternative state of existence. But with modern research Zenith Labs claims to have created an herbal formula that helps you get the benefits of meditation.

What is Meditation in a Bottle?

As the name would suggest these pills can give you stress relief, increased focus, sharp brain, and the list goes on and on. So to keep it short this product stimulates your brain’s alpha waves to produce different health benefits. You don’t have to become a devoted yogi to reap benefits of meditation with the help of this supplement.

We know it sounds confusing at first how can a supplement give you benefits of meditation right. But don’t worry we will go through all the aspects of how this product claims to work. We will let you know what is in its formula and hopefully, this review will be helpful to you.

How does Meditation in Bottle work?

The way this product works is by stimulating the brain as we mentioned earlier. There is strong evidence that modern life puts too much stress on the human brain. Stress is not only harmful to the brain but it also has negative impact on the body. That is why this product works to overcome following stress-related issues.

  1. Inability to concentrate properly and getting distracted easily.
  2. Lack of energy and motivation to perform to the top of your ability.
  3. Unexplained weight gain is also caused by extreme stress.
  4. Our immune system can be weakened due to mental stress.

So by keeping the stress levels low, this product claims to work wonders for us. It claims to bring down the brain activity levels with help of the herbs used in its formula. This allows our brain to stop thinking about useless things and concentrate on what is important.

Ingredients of Meditation in a Bottle

Now you must be wondering what exactly are these meditation herbs that we keep mentioning. Don’t sweat it because we have done extensive research on this product’s ingredients and here is the list:

L‑theanine: This beneficial ingredient is known to increase alpha brain waves. With the help of increased brain waves, it can help you relieve stress, reduce belly fat and improve energy levels in your body.

Scutellaria Lateriflor: Another powerful and rare herb that works wonders for calming an overactive brain. No, it does not create any high it just focuses brain power on useful activities. As a result, it can increase energy and mental sharpness of brain.

Holy Basil: One of the most common problems people face due to aging is poor memory. Well, this herb has the ability to increase memorizing and recalling capabilities.

Apart from these key ingredients it also contains a wide range of other herbal ingredients. Although these herbs are known to have a positive impact on mental health their working mechanism is unknown. But we have research results that prove these ingredients have brain-boosting capabilities.

Who can use this supplement?

This product is primarily targeting people who find it difficult to concentrate or face stress. At least that is what we understood from its advertisements. But that doesn’t answer the question of whether it is the right product for you or not. That is why we have come up with some points that might help you solve your confusion. You can use this meditative product if:

  1. You think your mind is often distracted and you face difficulty concentrating.
  2. The stress levels in your brain are high and you want to lower them.
  3. You want to try meditation but have a busy schedule so you are looking for a pill that can provide you same benefits.
  4. You want to improve your overall health and brain focus.

Benefits of this product

The benefits that this product’s manufacturer claims to have are numerous. There is a whole section on this products website that mentions its benefits. So we have selected some key benefits that we are going to share with you. Now please make sure you understand that these benefits are not tested or proven.

  1. It can increase the energy levels in your body and allows you to perform to the peak of your ability.
  2. Aids in weight loss by removing stress from the equation.
  3. Gets rid of mental fatigue and stress and makes the mind productive.
  4. Improves memory and also makes the brain sharper which helps you focus better.
  5. It can even work for reversing effects of aging on the brain. It repairs the brain and provides necessary energy to it.

Drawbacks of Meditation in a Bottle

Not all is well when it comes to this product we found some negative things about it as well.

  1. We have no idea how the ingredients of this product are extracted. Because some of the herbs are extremely rare and hard to find.
  2. We don’t have any information about how this product’s ingredients work.
  3. There is only one way to get this product and that is through Amazon or through its website.

Where to buy Meditation in a bottle?

As we said earlier this is a strictly online selling product so you have to order it online. We must say it is priced fairly reasonably and it comes with a money back guarantee. One bottle of this product is $79 which is not much compared to other similar products.

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