Staying fit has gotten a lot easier thanks to modern fitness supplements. It seems like there is a product for every kind of fitness need these days. This makes it convenient for people to find the right supplement for the right use.

Along with traditional weight loss supplements made of synthetic ingredients, there is a relatively new market of natural weight loss products. These products are made of herbal or naturally extracted ingredients and they eliminate the risk of side effects. Herbal supplements are also a great alternative for people who are allergic to certain artificial ingredients used in weight loss products. We are emphasizing on natural weight loss solutions because the supplement we are going to review today is also a herbal one.

What is Keto Burn Xtreme Diet Pills?

This supplement is being advertised as an easy to use and a healthy solution for losing weight. But don’t let the word keto fool you this supplement is not a keto diet supplement. Neither does it contain any ketones we thought we should clear this confusion right from the start. We know this supplement may sound like a scam to you after finding out it is not a keto product. But we don’t think it is fair to call a product fake without knowing about it first.

So to give this product a fair chance we will analyze its ingredients to see how they cause weight loss. Moreover, we will compare the benefits and problems of this product that we discovered after complete research. The idea behind this review is to help out anyone who is thinking about buying a weight loss product.

How does Keto Burn Xtreme Cleanse Work?

This product is not your average weight loss supplement as it is completely herbal based. But first, let us clear up the confusing bit related to the name of this supplement. We confirmed that this supplement is a none keto product so you won’t be going into ketosis if you used it. Its name Keto Burn Xtreme might be a way to get more attention by cashing in on the keto diet’s popularity which is not cool by the way we understand that.  

Instead of ketones, this supplement is made using Forskolin which is a popular herb in the Indian subcontinent. But recently this herb is getting recognition in the western world due to its weight loss abilities. It burns fat with the help of our body’s natural fat burning enzymes which makes the process safe. The process this supplement uses to burn fat is similar to ketosis with the difference of ingredients.

Keto Burn Xtreme Pills Ingredients

In most cases, a product contains multiple ingredients that make up its formula. When it comes to this herbal supplement it seems to have a minimalistic approach regarding the formula composition. The key ingredient of this supplement is Forskolin with a couple of other natural herbs added to the formula.

Forskolin: This herb is basically from the mint family and it is commonly found in Asia. Because of its health benefits, this herb has been used in natural medicine for centuries. With recent research and studies done on this herb, it has been proven as a great weight loss promoter.

This is why we see it making its way into the weight loss supplement industry. The working mechanism of this herb is very effective as it aids the production of fat burning enzymes called lipase and Adenylate. Both of these enzymes play a key role in separating fatty acids from the cells of the human body. When the fat is not attached to the cells it then gets used as a food source. And studies have shown that fat is a better source of food for our body than carbs. The bonus of Forskolin is that it helps you achieve a lean muscular body because it doesn’t affect your muscle mass.           

We can say with surety that this supplement is not using ketones in its formula. The word keto in its name might be a marketing stunt and we do not think it is wise to use false marketing tactics.

Who can use?

The major use of this supplement is clear as daylight it is designed to help you lose weight. But the question is it the right supplement for you? To answer this question we have come up with a few problems that this supplement can solve after doing a detailed study of this supplement.

  1. Do you experience a problem when using synthetically made supplements such as developing allergies?
  2. You are trying to find a weight loss supplement that will not affect your muscle mass when causing weight loss.
  3. You want to try an alternative to keto dieting because it doesn’t seem to work for you?

If your answer is in agreement with all or any of the above questions then this supplement is worth giving a try.


The product has some solid marketing campaign going on. If they make it to shows like Shark Tank or Dr. Oz we won’t be surprised. The benefits of this product shown in advertisements are as follows:

  1. Instead of going to stores this supplement can be easily bought online.
  2. Does not have any known side effects as far as previous user reviews are concerned.
  3. Made using safe and herbal ingredients that cause natural weight loss and instant results.

Probably the biggest flaw of this supplement is false advertisement. The company has named this product in order to what it seems like tricking potential buyers.

Where to buy?

This supplement can only be bought from its official website. In case you are wondering is it safe and legit or not then the chances of side effects are low because it has natural ingredients. But we can’t rule out the chances of side effects completely.

The product does come with a free trial so you can get a free trial to test it out to see if it suits you or not.

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