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Hair Revital X Review: Is it a Scam or a genuine Formula?

Hair revital x is a product of zenith labs and all of their policies are transparent and consumer based. They try to address all problems faced by their customers as soon as possible. All the ingredients in it are natural and have been analyzed in lab which showed no side effect that means it is a safe product.

Its price is affordable and it is available at all online stores for sale. You can buy it almost in any country including UK and US with free delivery. For free trial you will have to order it via official website. It is not a scam as it is available on all popular stores with its ingredients analyzed and customers benefited from it.

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Hair fall is a very common issue in both men and women. There are different factors that contribute to hair loss and it is not just caused due to aging. People experience hair fall at ages as young as in their 20s which has negative effects on their self-esteem. Hair fall is a serious matter and people suffering from it have to deal with a lot.

There are wigs available in the market but they are not a permanent solution. Thankfully researchers have been doing a lot of research on causes and solutions of hair fall. And finally, now there are products available in the market that fight hair fall.

What is Hair Revital X?

The solutions of hair fall currently available are mostly invasive. You have hair transplants that not only cost a lot but are also painful and can cause side effects. That is where this formula designed by Zenith Labs comes in. It is a natural hair fall solution and it is designed for people with balding heads.

The interesting part of this product because of which we decided to review it is that it comes in two parts. Formula of this product has a tablet that is to be used orally and a liquid that has to be applied directly on the scalp. This dual action formula claims to work better in restoring hair loss. And we are going to find out exactly how effective is it in fighting baldness.

How does it work?

Hair fall is caused by a number of things that include:

  1. One major and unfortunately very common cause of hair fall is hereditary. If your parents or grandparents have pattern baldness it is likely you will have it too.
  2. Factors such as pregnancy and thyroid problems can disrupt the hormonal balance in the body. This can cause permanent or sometimes temporary hair loss and baldness.

This product uses natural ingredients that are extremely effective for fighting these two causes of baldness. Unique formula of Hair Revital X UK stops the production of a hormone called DHT. This hormone is directly linked to weakening of hair and hair fall.

Furthermore, it contains essential nutrients that reverse the damage done to hair by genetic factors. It contains necessary vitamins that are scientifically proven to work wonders when it comes to hair restoration.

Ingredients of Hair Revital X

As we mentioned earlier this product comes in 2 parts one is for external use and other is for oral use. This makes sense because things such as hormonal imbalance and poor nourishment can’t be treated externally. The formula contains following key ingredients that are proven to work wonders for balding individuals.

Anti Genetics blend: This part of the formula is designed specially to fight the hereditary cause of baldness. It includes nettle leaf extract, pygeum bark extract, and the amino acid L-methionine. All of these ingredients are meant to overcome the conditions that are built into your genes to cause baldness. These ingredients also prevent DHT production which is a cause of hair loss.

The Re-growth extender blend: After overcoming the cause of baldness next step is hair regrowth. Regrowth of hair is possible with the help of Vitamin A palmitate, phytosterols, pantothenic acid, and zinc. All of these not only inhibit

Hair nourishment blend: This is the oral part of the supplement which provides necessary nutrients to hair. It contains Vitamin B-6, L-cystine, folic acid, and biotin and these are known to be great foods for hair.

All of these ingredients have been extracted from natural herbs. So you don’t have to worry about facing side effects or further hair damage. But we will like to mention that although the ingredients are clinically proven to work the product itself isn’t. That is because it is not registered by FDA so you might want to check for allergens before buying it.

Who Can Use Hair Revital X System?

This product is specially designed for people with pattern baldness and not for regular hair fall. So here are a few symptoms that can help you decide if you should use it or not.

  1. Your hair is thinning from the top of the head and not on the sides of the head. This is a classic sign of pattern baldness.
  2. You have a history of baldness in your family from either side of the family.
  3. You are experiencing hair fall in a younger age for example in your 20’s or early 30’s.

Benefits of Revital X System

Here are some of the benefits of this product as per the website. But bear in mind that these benefits are not tested in a human study so results may vary.

  1. Make using natural ingredients that are known to fight hair fall and its symptoms.
  2. Restores your confidence by repairing your hair damage to give you fuller thicker hair.
  3. Works to fight major cause of hair fall instead of just providing nourishment to hair.
  4. Designed specifically for baldness rather than general hair fall.
  5. Does not contain any chemical additives that might cause harmful effects on your body.
  6. Fights the hair loss both internally and externally to produce better results.
  7. Costs less than other alternative cures of baldness and also works quicker.

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Issues with the product

One issue we found about it is that it is only available from online sources such as its official website and Amazon. This makes it difficult to get for people who like to shop directly from stores. Another negative point is that it is not approved by any regulatory authority of any sort.

Does Hair Revital X really work?

Finally, we will like to give our own take on this anti-hair loss product. Although this product has a lot going for it in terms of ingredients and research. But there are some minor issues as well which we can’t ignore. So please compare the products pros and cons that we have provided before ordering.

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