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What is Gentiv Ultra Enhancement? Does it really work?

Every man reaches a point in life when he struggles with his sexual health. Most men start to experience sexual health problems at the age of 40 or above. But due to stressful modern life, it is not uncommon to see young males suffer from sexual performance issues. So what are your options if you start to experience poor sexual health? The most common answer would be Viagra or similar medicine you might have seen online.

But the truth is there is no evidence that Viagra actually works. So what can we do in order to improve the problem of poor sexual performance? This is exactly what this article is all about we have found out about an herbal based product and decided to review it to help men out.

What is Gentiv Ultra Male Enhancement?

This product is designed to cure one of the most common sexual health issues that prevent men to get ready for intercourse. Manufacturer claims that it cures Erectile Dysfunction or ED in short. This problem makes it difficult and sometimes impossible for men to produce an erection.

This supplement has a potent blend of herbs that have been used in traditional medicine for centuries. By combining centuries old wisdom with modern research this supplement brings users the best of both worlds. Now there is a lot to look for in a product like this before you buy it. And in this article, we will try to touch every single one of these points that will help you make a buying decision.

How does Gentiv Ultra Male Enhancement Work?

To understand how this pill works we need to take a look at what causes sexual health problems for men. Most of the times the cause of poor or weak erections is simply the process of aging. As men age their testosterone levels start to reduce, blood circulation is reduced and mental stress increases. All of these problems eventually lead to poor sexual health.

The way this supplement overcomes these problems is by utilizing the natural properties of different herbs. It helps replenish the lost testosterone levels in the body by providing the necessary nutrition. It can increase the blood flow to the penile chambers which can help achieve better erections. Most importantly it contains herbs that increase the sex drive of men and makes them want to perform in intercourse. By now you must be impatient to know what these herbs are that we keep bringing up. Well, hold your horses because that is exactly what we are getting to next.

Herbal Ingredients of Gentiv Ultra

This pill’s formula is based on following herbal extract and the company claims they are extracted from real plants.

The L-arginine: Starting off this ingredient is basically an amino acid. It is converted into nitric oxide which is essential for keeping our blood vessels elastic and prevents them from narrowing. As we know poor blood flow is one cause of weak erections. So by making blood vessels elastic this supplements helps provide additional blood to penile muscles.

The Root Of Maca: Extracts from the roots of Maca plant are known to relieve stress and anxiety. Stress is a major cause of poor sexual health and by calming the brain this herb helps men focus on sexual performance.

The Tribulus Terrestris: Although there is not enough research available for this herb tp explains how it works. But what we do know is that it improves sexual desire and also improves fertility in men. With increase in age men often lose the desire to have intercourse.

Korean Ginseng: Also used in traditional medicine this ingredient provides raw materials for production of testosterone. And because testosterone is a key sex hormone you can expect a boost in sexual energy due to this herb.

Who can use Gentiv Ultra Male Enhancement?

This supplement is specifically designed for improving the sexual ability of men. But due to vast number of sexual health issues men face it is difficult to know what problems this pill can cure. Here are some of key issues you can expect to improve with help of this supplement.

  1. If you are not able to produce erections when needed because of lack of sensitivity in the penile region.
  2. You lack the desire and energy to perform during intercourse.
  3. You want a safe and affordable solution to infertility and want to boost your sexual ability.

Benefits of this product

After taking a brief look at this products website and advertisement you can find a wide range of benefits that it promises. Below are some benefits that are worth sharing with you guys.

  1. Increases libido and gives you the desire to perform during intercourse.
  2. By providing you with stamina and energy it allows you to perform as long as you would like.
  3. Allows you to maintain and produce strong erections by providing good blood flow to the penis.
  4. Boosts your self confidence and allows you to be more sure about your sexual abilities.
  5. Last but not the least this product can even increase the size of your penis.

Should you buy Gentiv Ultra Male Enhancement

There are a lot of factors you need to consider before buying a product such as price, what are its side effects and user reviews. There are no side effects mentioned for this product which makes it difficult to know what kind of potential issues you can run into when using this pill.

Moreover, we don’t have any official lab results or studies for this supplement which can prove that it works. The only strong point that this supplement has going for itself is the user reviews. Surprisingly there are plenty of user reviews that claim this product works for them. But if you ask us that isn’t enough to make the buying decision for a product. We expect a company to provide ample information related to a product they are selling. That is why this product is a little doubtful if you ask our opinion about it.

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