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Fit Encore Garcinia a Super Fat Trimmer and slimming Extract

Weight loss is tricky you have to stay loyal to your diet to stay fit. But as soon as you cheat on your diet either during holidays or vacation your fitness progress starts to reverse. This can be frustrating and heartbreaking but it is not easy to say no to good food either. On the other hand, there are people who are skinny even after eating whatever they like to. And it leaves you wondering how do they do that?!

In simple terms their metabolism rate is fast and they burn calories quickly instead of storing them. But not all of us are born with a fast metabolism rate but luckily there are products that can help.

What is Fit Encore Garcinia?

This is one of many products claiming to boost your metabolism rate. But unlike the vast majority of products, this one is based on a fruit called Garcinia Cambogia. Which makes it a safe and side effect free product. The basic working mechanism of this product involves increasing the metabolism rate to burn fat.

But these claims are a bit hard to digest that is why we did some research on this product. And we have come up with this review which will tell you everything you need to know about Fit Encore.

How does it work?

As we already mentioned and it is also obvious from the name of this supplement that it contains Garcinia fruit extracts. Garcinia is known for its ability to aid the fat burning process. And it does this by improving the metabolism rate and suppressing the appetite.

By doing both of these things it overcomes one of the biggest causes of weight gain which is overeating. Many times we find ourselves eating late at night or feeling hungry at odd times. This snacking habit can add to the fat gaining process and cause weight gain. And combine overeating with a slow metabolism and you have a recipe for obesity. That is why this supplement focuses on these key causes of weight gain and tries to tackle them.


The main ingredient of this supplement is extracted from real Garcinia fruit. But it is what’s inside Garcinia that is effective for losing weight.

Hydroxycitric Acid (HCA): This chemical found in Garcinia is known to prevent the fat from being stored. Which means it boosts metabolism to the point where our body burns calories instead of storing them as fat. Another way it works is by helping in the production of enzymes that burn the fat already stored in the body. Not only does burning the fat reserved cause weight loss but it also increases energy levels in the body.

The most important way HCA aids weight loss is by suppressing appetite. It triggers the production of serotonin in the brain which is an appetite suppressant. This results in the user to eat less and feel hungry less often. The company also claims that this supplement can also help you get rid of the habit of snacking. Although HCA is proven to causes weight loss in some studies its ability to suppress hunger is not proven. So we will have to wait for the company to perform a study that proves their claim.

Who can use Fit Encore Garcinia?

This is the question that often confuses people when they are looking at a product. And often companies fail to answer it properly through advertisements. To make one thing clear this isn’t a bodybuilding supplement. The main goal of this product according to our research is to help you lose weight and increase metabolism. So if you have the following weight loss problems this product can be suitable for you.

  1. You struggle to lose weight through normal dieting.
  2. Your body does not burn calories quickly due to slow metabolism rate.
  3. You have issues when it comes to resisting urges to eat food at odd hours.
  4. You are unable to lose weight due to overeating.

These problems are exactly what this product is designed to tackle as per the manufacturer claims. Now it is important to mention that this product is claimed to be an herbal product so its results may vary.

Pros of Fit Encore Garcinia

There are some straight forwards benefits of using this product. And some of its benefits are indirect which are as follows:

  1. Boosts the rate of metabolism and burns fat at a faster rate than normal.
  2. It has a higher concentration of HCA as compared to other Garcinia products which makes it more effective.
  3. You can buy it online without having to go to any store or pharmacy which makes it extremely convenient.
  4. Probably the biggest benefit of this product is that it is made of natural extracts. So you can sit back and relax without worrying about side effects.
  5. Gets rid of the habit of overeating and gives users more self-control over their appetite.

Cons of Fit Encore Garcinia

After telling you about some obvious benefits we would like to share some drawbacks of this product. These drawbacks are our personal findings based on research.

  1. It does not come with approval from FDA which is kind of a red flag.
  2. The supply of this product is not readily available and you have to wait in order to get it.
  3. There isn’t enough research or studies to support the claims this product is making.

Should you buy it?

This product is not a typical supplement found in your local store. You will only get it from the official online store of this company. This leaves us on our own to research thoroughly before getting it. And the user reviews of this supplement are also not much help. There is only a hand full of user reviews for this product which we can really verify.

So if you ask us we would suggest you consult a doctor before ordering this supplement.

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