Cosmedique Skin Care: The Best Addition to your beauty products

Ageing is a process which is modulated by genetics and environmental factors. It is an ongoing process which increases with age. The cells of sin start becoming old and die which creates a dead layer on the surface of the skin. The pores get accumulated by dirt and foreign particles and it gives a dirty look. Moreover, wrinkles, ageing spots, dark circles and acne spots; all of these are observed with the growing age. Similarly, due to nutritional deficiency and exposure to sunlight and UV rays, these problems are exaggerated. Ageing can never be stopped; the process goes on with increasing age. But, this process can be slow down. The effects which usually begin to appear on the skin by 30 years can be delayed till 40 years. Now all of you might be thinking that how is it possible? Yes! It is possible by using the magical formula, cosmedique.

What is Cosmedique?

Cosmedique is an anti-ageing miracle formula. It is specially designed to remove all the ageing effects from the skin. The product has been prepared from all natural and testified ingredients from dermatologists. Moreover, several capsules of vitamins and minerals extracts have been incorporated to give skin a permanent protection. It is a scientific formulation for all types of skin cells which provokes the multiplication and duplication of stem cells. The multiplication of cells increases the production of new cells and removes old dead cells from the skin. This formulation is prepared for all types of skin.

Ingredients of Cosmedique

Cosmedique is an ultra concentrated skin care rejuvenation formulation in which all ingredients have been finely grained into hybrid size monomers. These smallest particles are prepared such that they can easily be absorbed into every layer of skin. The authentic ingredients which are added in cosmedique include:

Hyaluronic Acid– This is a naturally found chemical which helps in providing lubrication to skin cells. It keeps the skin cells moisturized and hydrated all the time.

Retinol– It is also known Vitamin A. It is responsible for reversing the effects of skin damage. Moreover, it keeps the skin tight and lifted up. Retinol delays the signs of ageing. Its deficiency results in skin dryness.

Proteins- Multiple protein extracts have been added which help in binding skin connective tissues. Moreover, they maintain the osmotic level of the skin.

Ceramide– This natural chemical is responsible for promoting the growth of cells. It acts on the cell membrane and improves its life. It keeps the skin rigid and smooth.

Caviar Extract- this enriched extract is prepared by ripening eggs and then treating them with salt. It will bring a glow to the skin and will keep the skin moisturized. This component is very effective for dry skin cells.

Algae– it contains multiple vitamins and minerals. Algae are important for reducing swelling and inflamed areas of skin. It also removes scars and wrinkles from the skin and removes dead layers of skin.

Vitamin E- capsules of vitamin E are added to provide proper detoxification to skin cells. It keeps the pores of skin rejuvenated and prevents them from foreign dead particles.

Aloe Vera– Aloe Vera gel is very significant for providing glow and neatness to the skin. It keeps skin even and smooth.

Advantages of Cosmedique

Cosmedique, a fast-acting anti-wrinkle cream has multiple benefits. List of advantages that can be obtained using this formula include:

Anti-ageing– this skin care product provides proper anti-ageing effects. The effects, skin looseness and skin sagginess are removed and diminished using cosmedique.

Protection– Cosmedique provides protection against harmful chemicals. It creates a shield and a barrier against all harmful organisms which invade skin layers.

Detoxification- cosmedique detoxifies the body and removes the dead layer of skin. It forms new skin cells and nourishes pores.

Nutrition-the nutrients which are essential for skin care are added in this formula to keep skin healthy and strong.

Under-Eye Treatment– Dark circles and under eye sagginess which usually occurs with old age is permanently treated with cosmedique.

De-Hyper pigmentation– the pigmented areas of skin which give it a double tone is removed by cosmedique. This product makes the complete skin even and single toned.

How to apply?

Cosmedique can be applied all day like a normal skin care moisturizer after every face wash. Take a sufficient quantity of cream on the palm of your hand. Then apply it gently on the cheeks and on the forehead and other areas. Rub it softly and leave it.

Packing of Product

The product comes in a beautiful packing. It is a white tube containing 75 ml of cream. The product name, benefits and its unique ingredients are printed on it with an attractive sharp maroon shade.

How to Purchase?

For purchasing the product, you have to visit the official website and fill the shipment from there. The important information of name, address, contact details and shipping address is provided an order is placed.  Delivery is provided all over the world and delivery charges are separate.

Trial Pack and Refund Policy

Cosmedique has a 30 days trial pack for its customers. However, you have to pay $6 before entering the trail system. You can use it for one month and clear all of your doubts. Secondly, if you want to refund back the product after final purchase; contact the customer service helpline number. You have to inform minimum one week before refunding back the product.


Before using cosmedique, look for the following points:

  • Always read the ingredients of cream before purchasing
  • Checking out the expiry date and date of the formulation is an important precautionary measure
  • Do not apply it to the skin if you have an allergy or hypersensitive skin
  • Keep your body hydrated by consuming extra water while using it

Customer’s Opinion

Customers have tried this product and are really satisfied with it. Timmy says, “After crossing 30, I started my skin getting loose saggy. Moreover, different fine lines and wrinkles began to appear. I started feeling dull and down in my social circle. Multiple visits to parlour gave no results. Then I tried cosmedique for one month. It helped me a lot in overcoming my skin problems.”


Cosmedique is an all in one skin care formula which rejuvenates the skin. It is an authentic formula which rejuvenates the skin layers and gives positive results.


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