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Alma Viva- Skin Care Serum/Cream: Is it working formula?

IEveryone wants to be the limelight of parties and wants to be the one other people admire. Desiring for smooth and flawless skin with no cracks and creases, a firm texture and shiny skin is not anything which is impossible. Moreover, by increasing age, the skin cells begin to die and signs of maturity begin to appear on the skin in the form of wrinkles, fine lines and dark spots. Use of different skin care products can give you better skin and smoothness, but the results are slow. Moreover, they are not cost-effective and can give allergic reactions or side effects on the skin as well.

What are Alma Viva and Its need?

Alma Viva is a skin care anti-ageing which comes in two forms. One is the anti-ageing and skin care serum and other is the skin care moisturizing cream which can is designed for use on regular basis. It is prepared from all natural extracts of plants and seeds along with the vitamin extract which can improve the glow of your skin with minimum damage to underlying cells.

Does the next question arise that why do we need this skin care product? This is because to give your skin a better look we need a permanent cost-effective natural remedy which can actually prove fruitful. The free from preservatives, a natural supplement which can be completely reliable and should match your skin type.

Ingredients of Alma Viva

The composition of both Alma viva skin care serum and moisturizing lotion is same except for the presence of some almond oil in Alma viva skin care serum. All the natural ingredients which have been mixed together includes:

Collagen Booster– the main constituent which contains 50% of the alma viva is collagen booster. It increases the peptide linkages in skin layers and builds up the connective tissues. Moreover, it also maintains the plasma level.

Hyaluronic Acid– to maintain the osmotic level of skin cells hyaluronic acid is added. It maintains the osmotic level of skin cells and keeps the nutritional level up to the mark.

Vitamin E- Vitamin E capsules have been added to the composition of alma viva to give the skin some anti-oxidant features. It will remove away the dead layer of skin cells from the skin and will rejuvenate the underlying cells.

Aloe Vera Gel– last but not the least is the pure aloe vera gel which gives your skin a tighten up appearance. It will lift up the skin and will give it a soothing effect. Moreover, it will help in delaying the ageing process and will fight against wrinkles and fine lines.

Advantages of Alma Viva Skin Care

Makeup Barrier– Alma Viva skin care cream and serum gives your skin an immense glow and shine. One main significant feature of this skin care product is that it can be used before makeup application. This will help in creating an underlying shield from the chemicals of makeup products.

Free Radicals– the production of free radicals on the skin is due to penetration of dead skin cells. Application of alma viva skin care will help in removing these free radicals by giving anti-oxidant properties.

Anti-Wrinkle and Anti-Aging– Another main benefit of using alma viva is that it is an anti-ageing cream which will remove all the fine lines and wrinkles from face. Moreover, it will help u in fighting against all those creases and cracks which makes your skin dry, rough and prone to infections.

Fight against Dark Circles– one more significant feature of alma skin care is that it helps in getting rid of dark circles, puffy eye bags, swollen eyes and irritation as well. it will give a very smooth and fresh appearance to your eyes.

Moisturizer– Alma viva helps in keeping skin moisturized and fresh. It will heal the damaged skin and will rejuvenate the underlying cells.

How does Alma Viva work?

The preparation of alma viva is done from all natural ingredients which when combined together, penetrate into the deeper dermal layer of skin and heal the damaged skin cells. Moreover, the essential nutrients which have been added in it enhance the collagen production in the skin and also remove away the dead skin cells and layers. This skin care makes your skin flexible and elastic which gives you a younger appearance.

How to use?

The use of this cream/serum is very easy and simple. Just take an adequate amount of cream/serum on the palm of your hand and apply it gently all over your skin. Make sure that your skin must be clean before application of the product. Softly massage the cream with your fingertips and leave. It is advisable to use the supplement at night before sleeping it is the time when your skin is in relaxed phase.

Packing and Price

Alma Viva skin care product is very inexpensive. It can be afforded easily monthly. For the permanent customers, multiple discount packages and promotional offers are also available. One bottle that is sufficient for one month costs no more than $50. It comes in a white bottle with a pink cap.

How to Purchase?

For purchasing this skin care product, you need to visit the official website or website of where it is available as well. An online form will be available there which to fill completely for your final purchase. All the contact and address information has been mentioned there. The delivery is free of charges and delivery time is 7 days.

100% Guarantee

Alma viva skincare claims to give the best results within no time. Its 100% guarantee offer shows that you can get the best results within one month else all payment will be returned back.


All those ladies who have tried this cream gave their positive feedback about the effectiveness and results of cream. There are no complaints regarding the results of the serum. Tina says that using alma viva for one month gave me a very significant change in skin tone. It also removed all those wrinkles from the face which were actually causing trouble for me.


Alma Viva skin care cream and serum can help u in fighting against every skin problem within no time. They are safe and reliable.

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